5 Incredibly Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Five wonderful suggestions to make your wedding guests smile

The sign of a successful wedding is your guests telling you ‘I’ve had an amazing time’ as they bid you goodbye and wish you both well at the end of the day. This, of course, can be established by serving exquisite food that people will undoubtedly find delicious. However, other little touches can be put in place with minimal effort or expensive which also go a long way to putting smiles on people’s faces. Therefore, once you’ve hired a venue and enlisted the services of an experienced catering company, you should start thinking about the smaller ideas and little touches you can put in place for your wedding day. Here are five easy suggestions that will leave your guests feeling extremely happy to have attended your big day and shared in the experience.

Polaroid Cameras & Marker Pens


A Polaroid camera can go some length to making guests feel like they’ve left their mark on the day. Rather than wait to be flashed by the official photographer, people can get snap-happy at their tables throughout the reception; this idea will generate some fantastic photos and memories of the day and allow people to capture a more authentic feeling when compared to a posed portrait.

You can also provide a marker pen so guests are then able to write little messages on the image before leaving it for you as a wedding keepsake. These photos would make a great addition to your official wedding photo collection or even as a wedding reception scrapbook. You should find that people find this easier and more preferable than waiting to sign a guestbook.

Sweet Tooth? – Personalised Sweets


The guests themselves should have something to take home to remember your big day so why not present everyone with personalised sweets? Sugary snacks – such as Love Hearts – are a great idea and loved by almost everybody, can be emblazoned with the names of the bride and groom should you and your betrothed like the idea.

If your guests can resist eating them all, the pack would be perfect for them to put in their pocket and take home as a memory of your big day.

Light up the night with Sparklers


An alternative to fireworks (which, can require a lot of organising, can be costly depending on the display and can leave people twiddling their thumbs whilst waiting for the show to conclude) are sparklers.

This fun idea will allow the young and young-at-heart join in together and light up the night sky whilst celebrating your special day. People with young families will especially enjoy this thoughtful activity as it incorporates the entire family.

Have a laugh – Paracetamol Gifts


This is more of a tongue-in-cheek gift idea, but we bet there will be a guest or two who will require Paracetamol before the night is through. This fun idea is a nod to the fact that the champagne will be flowing and everyone will be caught up in the moment.

As the drinks are being poured, why not have your guests unwrap a small box containing two paracetamol. As well as getting a good few chuckles, you should find that some guests actually end up using these the next morning!

Why not pen a bespoke song?


This incredibly fun idea will get everyone up, moving and excited to join in; especially when the champagne is flowing. Did you know that studies show that group sing-along sessions are shown to make people feel happy?

With this in mind, why not pen your own song and have people sing-along with you? Have the lyrics printed and on hand ready to be given out to the guests. Cue the music, cue the lights and let the singing commence!

Try to keep it lighthearted and include some comedic references about yourself and your spouse as well as making reference to anyone who has been involved organising your special day.

Good luck!

Anyone of these small ideas should be well-received by guests at your wedding, so don’t be afraid to try them out or even to put your own twist on them! Why not use any combination of the suggestions to bring that extra smile and memory to you and your guests on your special day? In the meantime, you can rest assured that the food will also be highly pleasing to those in attendance should you enlist the catering services of Arabella Reeve.

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