Great looking food is almost as important as great tasting food nowadays. When it comes to catering a wedding it can be difficult to please every single guest. If you’re trying to decide which route to take for catering your special day, then check out these top wedding food trends for some inspiration. Whichever you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to please every palate at the table and make a lasting impression on your guests.

1. DIY bars

They say some things are more fun when you make them yourself and that’s probably why 2018 has seen a massive increase in the rise of DIY food and drink bars. Rather than a complex bar and food menu, some couples are opting for a more hands-on approach. Some suggestions include mimosa bars, bubble bars, DIY cocktail bars and with regards to food, think DIY salad, BBQ and taco bars. This is certainly a quirky trend that will continue into 2019 and beyond.

2. Traditional sit-down meal

If you like to be traditional then you’ll love the idea of a high-quality sit-down meal with family and friends. Sit down meals don’t need to be ‘boring’, rather your taste buds will be exploding with flavour combinations that will impress even the fussiest guests. This approach allows you to create a menu that is personal to you and you can guarantee each dish will be prepared and served to perfection.

3. Dessert tables

The wedding cake is always the centrepiece of any wedding meal, but the way in which we are serving desserts at weddings is changing. What could possibly be better than one wedding cake? Lots of mini desserts! A dessert buffet option has risen in popularity because some people wish to have a smaller wedding cake, some guests don’t like the wedding cake at all and some might just want the option of both.

4. Food trucks/vans

Some couples have done away with a sit-down meal altogether. Instead, they are opting for the quirky new option of food trucks. This is a great option if you just want snacks and samples to fill up on whilst dancing the night away and you can choose a completely tailored cuisine to fit your personality, heritage or taste buds. Think of fish and chip vans, pie and mash, taco stalls, Indian curries and much much more. There really is something to suit absolutely everyone. If you wanted, you could even have two different food truck options to truly keep everyone satisfied.

Remember that when it comes to choosing your catering, you should go with what you feel comfortable with, not what will make everyone else happy. If you’re interested in wedding catering in Ipswich, then why not get in touch with Arabella Reeve Catering today? We will personally design and tailor your menu to ensure that it fits your palate and with over ten years of experience and impressive clientele, we can offer a catering service that is first class.

You might even like the idea of asking family and friends to help with the catering. If so, sending them to some cookery classes can help prepare for the big day!